At Testbed we firmly believe ideas can come from anyone, whether you're a designer, inventor or even just a curious thinker. But not everyone has the skills to move those ideas onwards a step. We've made it our mission to help you move your extraordinary ideas off the drawing board and into reality, prototyping them quickly and effectively. Then you can start to touch, play and interact with them, and make them the best they can be. 



Alan Kay

The power of an idea is only realised when it's real. Until it exists physically, an idea is just an idea—abstract, open to interpretation, difficult to believe in. At Testbed, our approach is to make it real, fast. We aim to have a working prototype of your idea within 5–10 days so that you can share it, gather feedback and build on it to make it the best it can possibly be. Our knowledge of rapid prototyping technologies and a workshop full of the tools we need at our fingertips means we can tackle ideas in any format, breathing life into them in double-quick time.




This is where we excel. We'll make your idea real, fast. Then we'll rigorously test it, work with you and your users to improve it, then repeat all that until it's as effective as it can be.



Sometimes you might have the prototype already but don't know how to take it forwards, other times you may have a technology and need an application, and in other scenarios you might want to explore new kinds of experience, expression and communication through technology. We have experience in all these scenarios, and we think clearly and creatively to help you to move your project to the next stage.



Our daily interaction with new and emerging technologies means we are well placed to deliver strategic insight on how they might start to affect yours—and your client's—business. We deliver this insight through custom-built prototypes, so you can experience the effect first-hand.



Technology gives us powerful tools. Start thinking more creatively about how new technologies can influence your ideas and broaden the scope of your output. We deliver first-hand experience with unfamiliar, emerging and ground-breaking innovations.



Prototyping is a powerful and essential part of any design process. Learn how you and your teams can put people at the heart of your design process through the building and rigorous testing of prototypes.


Testbed was started by Rob Peart, a designer, art director and technologist experienced in creating innovative experiences for some of the world's biggest brands. Rob witnessed first-hand the struggles creative people face when they lack the knowledge or resources to take their ideas beyond the drawing-board (or Powerpoint deck)—brilliant ideas would be left by the wayside, and less-brilliant ideas would stumble through to production. He started Testbed to provide the facilities and expertise needed to quickly realise those ideas so that they can be tested, assessed and improved, hopefully allowing more extraordinary ideas to see the light of day.

We are a small core team based in the South-West UK and working internationally. We bring specialist expertise in-house when required, and are building an ever-evolving suite of rapid prototyping tools and skills. Tools will include 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC routing, metal working, wood working, vacuum forming and injection moulding, complemented with skills in user-testing and research, motion tracking, object recognition, machine learning, AR, WebVR, connected products and basic robotics. 


To take your idea and project to the next stage, find out how we can help you explore your extraordinary ideas, or to discuss how you might start to think more creatively about technology please get in touch. We are always interested in getting involved, no matter how unusual or unbelievable your idea.